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What Types Of Circuit Breakers Have
Aug 02, 2018

Each item has its classification, which can be divided into different types according to its different nature, and circuit breakers are no exception. If the poles can be classified into four types: single pole, two poles, three poles and four grades, their functionality will increase step by step as the number of poles increases, and the direction of control can also increase, and the price will also increase. There are differences, and the required circuit breakers will be purchased according to the situation at the time of purchase.

According to the installation method of the circuit breaker, it also has different types. It has three main ways of plug-in, fixed type and drawer type. It has other installation methods. These three installation methods are more common and safer. The plug-in type circuit breaker is easy to disassemble, and the fixed type circuit breaker is relatively stable, but it is inconvenient to move. The drawer type circuit breaker is relatively comprehensive, and is fixed and convenient to move, and easy to operate.

According to its own product functions, circuit breakers can also be divided into many types. The first one is miniature circuit breakers. Its main function is to protect lighting circuits and household short circuits and household overloads, mainly to protect the safety of household circuits. Providing perfect protection for home security, many families are buying this small circuit breaker to protect the circuit safety of the home, which is very affordable and safe.

The second type is an earth leakage circuit breaker. This type of circuit breaker is mainly used under the ground. Because the underground environment is different from the ground environment, the ground circuit is prone to leakage, and we cannot observe it with the naked eye. The best way to change these changes is to install the earth leakage circuit breaker on the ground. It is a circuit breaker specially prepared for the underground circuit to protect the places we can't see at any time.

The third type of circuit breaker is a new product with more powerful functions. It is called an over-voltage trip unit. It is a fully automatic circuit breaker. The circuit breaker is designed with reasonable design in high voltage shock and under voltage. In this case, the power supply can be quickly switched to protect the household appliances. The circuit breaker is suitable for home use and is also suitable for use in high-power places.

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