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What Is The Pan Assembly
Aug 02, 2018

This is the working principle of gas welding, gas supply, etc., which is the work of gas welding, gas supply and other workplaces. What is the filling and filling? You can think of it, of course, from a main pipe or a gas source of gas through the filling equipment to each gas collection point, such as the cylinder, this is the principle of filling and filling. What we should pay attention to is the air inlet and outlet pressure at work.

Let's take a look at the specific definition of the bus bar.

A device for concentrating gas or gas, which is connected to a confluence pipe through valves and tubes, so as to inflate the cylinders at the same time, or to be sent to the gas end through the pipeline after decompression and pressure stabilization to ensure that the gas source pressure of the gas appliance is stable and adjustable, and to achieve the purpose of uninterrupted supply. There are four high pressure valves in the middle, which control the two sets of confluence tubes in the middle. Each group has a considerable number of separate valves, the hose and the fixture are connected to the cylinder, and the middle is equipped with a high pressure meter to detect the pressure in the flow pipe. There are two groups of decompressers above the high pressure valve for control. In order to regulate the use of pressure and flow, two low pressure valves are above the pressure reducer of the wholesaler in Meijia department store, which is used to control the low pressure gas in the two row of converge switch. The main pipe of the low pressure main pipe is equipped with a low pressure total valve to control the gas of the low pressure pipe.

The gas confluence is suitable for the enterprises with large gas consumption. The principle is to enter the bottled gas through the fixture and hose into the main pipeline, through decompression, adjustment, and through pipeline to the use site. The suitable medium for this product is oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, air, liquefied petroleum gas, dissolved acetylene gas and so on. It is mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises, medical institutions, and scientific research institutions.

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