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What Are The Main Points Of The Routine Maintenance Of The Circuit Breaker
Aug 02, 2018

In order to make the operation of the circuit breaker more freely, we can not ignore the maintenance of it. If you keep a regular maintenance, then the life of the circuit breaker will be many times higher than that, why not? For its good working condition, maintenance and maintenance need to be constantly strengthened. So, what are the main points of its maintenance?  This is a problem that needs to be discussed by the use of personnel,

In maintenance, we should keep the air fresh, if it is wet air, or not clean, it caused serious consequences. Wet gases break down into hydrogen and oxygen mixtures, which can result in fracture insulation between contact points and, in severe cases, arc chamber explosions. Will let the insulation strength lower, the surface will gradually produce the discharge situation, let you touch the touch, in case of electric shock, the consequences can be imagined, so still cautious. In addition, the pipe will be blocked when painting, and the circuit will fail or even die. All of these are caused by unclean air, which are very different. Therefore, we should always keep the air clean.

Rubber accessories are one of the most important items. It is necessary to replace the rubber parts regularly because the structure of the device is very complex and the sealing performance is high. In order to ensure its performance and heel, it is necessary to replace the rubber in time.

The various parts of the air switch need to be checked regularly so that they are in a good technical condition, and do not ignore a small device, which may determine the normal operation of the device. For example, the arc chamber needs to check its spring regularly, dynamic static contact point, because it constantly occurs friction, so the point over stroke, the pressure will slowly reduce, when small to a certain band, the spring will be deformed, and the time should be changed in time. A nonlinear resistor needs to check its cleanliness, replace its desiccant, and measure the resistance of the non-linear chip. The main valve checks the size of the piston and valve body to see if its size is within the prescribed range if it does not meet the need for timely correction. The driving cylinder also needs to be checked, adjusting its buffer, ensuring its isolation switch, and checking its accuracy in time, as well as maintaining its performance by maintenance and replacement.

For the daily life maintenance of circuit breakers, we only need to do some of the above points, and believe that there will be great success. It is a very important link to ensure the fresh air of the environment, the replacement of the rubber accessories in time, the inspection of the small parts, and so on. It only takes you a little time to help the device to reduce the trouble. The maintenance and maintenance of the device needs to start from the small things in life, and can not be ignored.

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