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The Function Of The Pan Assembly
Aug 02, 2018

The bus bar is a relay station on the motherboard, which is used to gather all the data and transmit it. Generally speaking, the system will install a variety of interface cards through the bus, and transmit various data to the device connected by the interface card. We are also known as the bus. The bus can serve many parts. The basic way of the bus is to send the information to the bus by the parts that send the information, and then send the information to each part of the receiving information at the same time. Which component receives information is determined by the control signal generated by the device address given by CPU.


1, materials generally have two kinds of copper and aluminum, in the circuit to receive electricity and power distribution function.

2, using the busbar can improve the efficiency of the dish, make the electric dish more beautiful and safe.

3, the distribution box operated by non professional personnel, especially the modular terminal distribution box, should also have the phase line discharge line with insulation protection, such as the indoor distribution box in the house, so that the protective performance is high and prevents the contact from touching the charged body.

The confluence is to decompress several cylinders after grouping together, and then conveyed through the main pipeline to the use terminal system equipment, mainly used in small and medium gas supply stations and other applicable places. According to the different switching modes of the left and right cylinders, they can be divided into manual switching, pneumatic (semi-automatic) switching and automatic switching. According to the needs, the gas heater, the backfire preventer, the pressure relief valve, the gas leakage alarm, the pressure alarm, pressure switch and the support bottle support are used to expand the function of the gas confluence in the practical application and meet the needs of the customers for the high performance products.

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