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How To Maintain The Distribution Box At Ordinary Times
Aug 02, 2018

On the maintenance of distribution boxes, many consumers do not pay attention, so this greatly reduces the service life of distribution boxes.

First of all, the distribution box should be regularly dedusting and the distribution box should be kept clean.

Second, we should regularly check whether the joints in the distribution box are strong enough to ensure the reliability of the wiring.

Third, to see whether the relevant switches are normal, abnormal switches should be replaced in time.

Fourth, check whether there is rain or dust intrusion in the box, and eliminate these risk factors.

Fifth, we need to check the heating status of the terminals to ensure that the terminals are not connected.

Sixthly, the sealing condition of the box should be examined in detail, especially in the dusty environment, to avoid the risk of occurrence.

Seventh, regarding the distribution box with exhaust fans, we must check the fans of the exhaust fans to see if the disc fans can operate properly.

Eighth, the wiring of the distribution box must be neat and beautiful, and the scattered thread must be tidied up. Finally reminds us that the distribution box must be checked and maintained once a month, to deal with non-conforming items in a timely manner, and do a good job of relevant records.

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