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Attention Should Be Paid To The Installation Of A Distribution Box
Aug 02, 2018

1, the installation of the distribution box protection line is reliable.

2. There shall be no bare electric outside exposure outside the cabinet (box); electrical components that must be installed on the outer surface of the cabinet (box) or on the switchboard must have reliable screen protection.

3, the electrical components, instruments, switches and lines of the distribution box should be arranged neatly, the installation is firm, and the operation is convenient; there should be no dust, water and debris in the cabinet (box).

4, the distribution box is made of non-combustible materials.

5. The bottom surface of the power distribution cabinet (box) installed on the floor should be 50~100 mm above the ground; the height of the center of the operating handle is generally 1.2-1.5m; and the height of the cabinet (box) is 0.8~1.2m.

6. Open-type switchboards can be installed in production sites and offices where the risk of electric shock is small.

7. Closed cabinets shall be installed in processing workshops, casting, forging, heat treatment, boiler rooms, woodworking houses and other places where the risk of electric shock is high or the working environment is poor.

8. A closed or explosion-proof electrical installation must be installed in a hazardous work site with conductive dust or flammable or explosive gases.

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