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What should be paid attention to during the use of the distribution box?
Aug 02, 2018

The distribution box is one of the reasonable distribution of electric energy and the convenient operation of the circuit. The safety protection level is high. The conduction condition of the circuit can directly show the other advantages, and the power generation and the distribution station are widely used. The following Zhejiang distribution box manufacturer Wenzhou Guoyao Electric Complete Set Co., Ltd. for you to briefly introduce the use of distribution box matters needing attention.

1. Distribution box in the device, as far as possible in the ventilation, so that it is in use, can constitute air convection to make distribution box heat dissipation.

2. in addition to ventilation, the installation of the box should be as far as possible to avoid direct sunlight at noon.

3. during the high temperature season, it is necessary to prevent the equipment from running for a long time and reduce the heat released from the distribution boxes as far as possible.

4. Distribution box can be sprayed on schedule with heat-insulating paint to reduce thermal radiation, which is conducive to the box heat dissipation, the role of more ambitious.

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