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What are the common faults in the distribution box
Aug 02, 2018

Let's analyze the common faults of the distribution box together.

The low voltage electrical apparatus in the distribution box is composed of fuse, communication contactor, remaining current action protector, capacitor and metering meter. In the course of using, it often causes machine trouble because of various problems. The manufacturer of distribution box gives you a detailed introduction.

The distribution box reformed by the agricultural network operates outdoors. It is not only exposed to the heat directly from the sun, but it will also attack heat in its own operation, so the temperature in the tank will reach more than 60 degrees centigrade in the high temperature during the summer, and the temperature is much more than the ambient temperature of these electric appliances. In the transformation of agricultural network, the demand for the large number of distribution boxes, short construction period, distribution box factory demand for low voltage electrical appliances is urgent and a large number of times, so the quality of the product is not strict, causing some products to attack soon after the attack.

Because the selection of the capacity of the communication contactor is not very appropriate in the production, the communication contactor with the same capacity of the different output circuit devices is not considered, and the unbalanced condition of the three-phase load is not taken into account, but the current level of the part of the contactor can not be classified on the basis of the normal selection model, and the selection of a current level is improved.

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