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Types of circuit breakers on the market
Aug 02, 2018

Circuit security has become a matter of all our families. Before leaving home, the circuit must be checked to check whether the circuit is closed. Now there are circuit breakers, the main people save a lot of heart, and sometimes forget to check the circuit and don't worry, because there are circuit breakers in the home to protect the safety of the family circuit, and no longer have to worry about this The problem is that circuit breakers are different from other products. They are really considering the safety of our property.

We also need to clarify the classification of circuit breakers when purchasing circuit breakers, so that when purchasing it will not feel very contradictory. EC100 small circuit breaker is a good choice for household circuit breakers. It uses an industrial distribution system. When a short circuit or overload occurs, it can automatically switch on the protection switch, switch the power and protect the safety of the household appliances. When the voltage is restored to normal, it will automatically recover.

The EPD surge protector is also a powerful circuit breaker, but it is not used for homes and not factories, but for indirect lightning or direct lightning or other transient overvoltages. When these problems arise, this type of protector can be well protected in these cases. It mainly has two kinds of plug-in and fixed type, no matter which way it is, it is excellent and trustworthy.

AC contactor is also a very powerful circuit breaker. Its main adaptation is to provide long distance connection and segmented circuit. If the distance is too far away, the general circuit breaker can not be controlled remotely, but the AC contactor is specially made for the long distance protection voltage, it is a mechatronic electric power. The machine starter can also be protected immediately when problems arise in remote circuits.

The universal intelligent circuit breaker is also a very powerful circuit breaker. It is mainly used to distribute electric energy and protect the circuit. When there are faults such as overload, short circuit, undervoltage and so on, it can make protection measures immediately, protect the safety of the circuit at any time, and protect the safe operation of the circuit.

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