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The setting of the distribution box and the switch box
Aug 02, 2018

Distribution box price sharing distribution box and switch box settings

(1) the distribution system should be equipped with main distribution boxes and distribution boxes, and classified distribution.

(2) the switch box should be distributed by the last stage distribution box.

(3) the horizontal distance between switchgear and controlled fixed electrical equipment should not exceed 3M.

(4) There should be enough space and passageway around the distribution box and switch box for two people to work at the same time, and no objects that interfere with operation and maintenance should be piled up.

(5) distribution boxes and switchgear boxes should be installed upright and firmly. Mobile distribution boxes and switchgear boxes should be installed on solid supports. The fixed distribution box and the bottom of the switch box are larger than 1.3M, less than 1.5M.

(6) the switchgear and socket in the distribution box should be strong, not loose and skewed.

(7) the zero line in the distribution box and switchgear can not be mixed with the protective ground wire.

(8) insulated wires should be used in the connection boxes of distribution boxes and switchgear boxes, and the joints shall not be loosened, and exposed live parts shall not be exposed.

(9) The metal box body of distribution box and switch box, the installation of metal appliances and the non-charged metal base and shell of the electrical appliances in the box must be protected and grounded. The protection of zero line should be connected through the terminal.

(10) distribution boxes and switchgear boxes must be rain proof, dust-proof and anti smashed.

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