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The connection mode of the circuit breaker must be understood
Aug 02, 2018

The use of circuit breakers is becoming more and more common in all places, especially for families and factories. For users who buy circuit breakers, it is necessary to know some of the common sense of circuit breakers, because when some small problems are encountered, we can solve the circuit breakers by ourselves. The wiring method is very necessary for us, because wiring is a very common thing.

There are many ways to connect circuit breakers, but the main methods are four ways: front, back, plug-in and drawer. Board this way is the highest use rate, because the convenience of this way is more convenient, bare in the outside, when the need to disassemble is very simple, in ordinary work, the user can also see, so most users will use this type of wiring in front of the board, it is quick, save money and labor.

After the board, this connection is also very easy to be accepted. It has a big feature that, if the user needs to change the circuit breaker, or when the circuit breaker has problems, it does not need to reconnect. It only needs to change the circuit breaker on the basis of the original, and its fixity is also strong, with the front of the board. The wiring is weaker than that. If the user needs the wiring behind the board, the manufacturer will provide all kinds of tools.

The insertion type connection is less selective for the home circuit breaker because it is more troublesome and not necessary. The factory usually uses this way to control the operation of the circuit breaker, and sometimes it needs to turn off the circuit breaker. It will be more difficult to set up a socket and install wiring facilities through the socket.

The drawer type circuit breaker connection mode commonly uses the person is also the factory, because its construction is also relatively troublesome, its main feature is the swing rod clockwise or counter clockwise rotation, in the main circuit and the two circuit all adopts the insert structure, this connection way is very safe, but very troublesome.

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