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Installation method of pan assembly
Aug 02, 2018

1, gas confluence absolutely prohibit oil, acetylene, propane, etc. are inflammable and explosive gas, gas supply room must use explosion-proof switch and explosion-proof lamp, indoor ventilation, to set explosion-proof exhaust fan.

2, the distance between gas supply and gas supply room and acetylene concentrating gas supply room should be less than 5 meters, and the distance from the open fire should be at least 10 meters, if the condition is restricted, the explosion proof wall can be separated.

3. After the end of the gas confluence installation, it is necessary to use nitrogen to test all the valve parts (including decompressor), pressure gauge, high pressure metal hose and pipe fittings. If leakage is found, it must be repaired in time to ensure no leakage, and then it can be put into use after acceptance by the local authorities concerned.

4. Gas manifold installation should pay attention to the cleaning of the connection, avoid sundries, garbage into pipe fittings, pressure reducer, oxygen pipe fittings absolutely prohibit contact with grease. Where there is corrosive medium, it is forbidden to install the bus bar.

5, the gas bus manifold must be installed by professional technicians and must have effective grounding. If the connection part is a tetrafluoroethylene seal, the two sides can be connected with copper strips. The grounding resistance should not be greater than 10 Omega.

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