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How to solve the problem of distribution box installation
Aug 02, 2018

Questions that can be answered during the installation of distribution boxes:

It is not suitable for selection or selection according to the requirements of the drawings.

2. The iron box of the distribution box is too thin and the rigidity is poor. The shell and the door face are severely deformed and the gap is too big.

3. Some types of electrical installations in the boxes do not match the requirements.

4. There is no grounding and zero connection bus, or the grounding and zero connection bus standards are too small to satisfy the needs.

Some distribution boxes have no barrier maintenance, and some maintenance boards do not use insulation or flame retardant data equipment.

For the above questions, we can choose:

(1) strict requirements are ordered according to drawing drawings and related standards. Collect the goods in time to look at the appearance, is not a factory certificate, the nameplate is not correct, the attachment is not complete, the insulation is incomplete, cracks, the coating is not perfect.  Are the types and standards of electrical appliances in the box fit to describe requirements?

2. Is the thickness of iron box used in distribution box consistent with requirements?

(3) the grounding plate in the distribution box should be connected with the box, and the operating zero line terminal board should be insulated from the box (the general distribution box is outside), the terminal board is made of rectangular bus with 2 times larger than the maximum conductor section in the box (but the minimum section should be less than 60mm2, the thickness is not less than 3mm). The data used for the terminal board are copper products.

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