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Circuit breaker for protection circuit
Aug 02, 2018

If you want safer circuit protection, then the circuit breaker is your best choice. It can keep your circuit safe at any time, and you don't have to worry about short circuits and circuit fires, and take a penny to bring home a lot of security. The use of circuit breakers is also divided into two categories, the first is the choice type, the second is the non choice type, for these two types, also should be selected according to the situation.

Arc extinguishing medium is a key thing for the structure of the circuit breaker. It is usually divided into oil immersion and six sulfur fluoride. Each circuit breaker contains one of these substances. When abnormal conditions occur, these two substances play a great role in the power failure, they are equivalent to the fire extinguisher, very quickly. Extinguishing the fire can save danger in a short time.

The circuit breaker will have a lot of kinds in every aspect. According to its speed, it can be divided into fast and ordinary type, and it has a high performance price ratio. Because its reaction speed is very fast, it can be judged in a very short time, for ordinary type circuit breaker, although it can be judged in a very short time. Its effect is the same as that of fast type, but its reaction speed and power loss rate should be slower.

The internal structure of the fast circuit breaker is very fast, so the fast circuit breaker is used in many large factories. Because the power of the factory is large, the common type circuit breaker can not be very well disconnected in a short time. The common type circuit breaker is suitable for household electrical power, because the electric power in the home is low, usually about 220 volts. This voltage is very simple for the ordinary circuit breaker.

The volume of the circuit breaker is not very large, so the area of the circuit breaker is very small. The block of the circuit breaker is very large and plays a hindrance to the circuit, but it is different from the common barrier device, because it can automatically identify the change of the voltage and then automatically break the power. This is a big characteristic of it. . In general, the circuit breaker is very powerful. Buying it is buying a life insurance policy.

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