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Basic performance of pan assembly
Aug 02, 2018

Gas confluence: refers to the bottled high-pressure gas, through this device to reduce pressure to a certain use of pressure, is a centralized gas supply equipment.

There are four high pressure valves in the middle, which control the two sets of confluence tubes in the middle. Each group has a considerable number of separate valves, the hose and the fixture are connected to the cylinder, and the middle is equipped with a high pressure meter to detect the pressure in the flow pipe. There are two groups of decompressers above the high pressure valve for control. The pressure and flow rate of the system is adjusted. Two low pressure valves are above the pressure reducer to control the low pressure gas in the two row flow switch. The main pipe of the low pressure main pipe is equipped with a low pressure total valve, which is used to control the gas of the low pressure pipe.

Gas confluence is a device for centrally inflating or supplying gas, which is connected to a confluence pipe through valves and tubes, so as to inflate the cylinders at the same time, or to be transported to the use of a special equipment after decompression and pressure stabilization to ensure that the pressure of the gas source is stable and adjustable. The purpose of uninterrupted supply of gas.

Gas confluence can be used in the medium of helium, oxygen, nitrogen, air and other gases, mainly used in industrial and mining enterprises, medical institutions, scientific research institutions and other units with large gas volume. The product is reasonable in structure, advanced in technology and easy to operate. It is an important device for ensuring safety and realizing civilized production.

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